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Dear Editor,
I refer to the article carried in your Saturday Edition (Oct.29) captioned “First batch of 5,000 computers arrives for OLPF” in which Minister Manzoor Nadir was inaccurately quoted as saying that “recipients of the laptops will have to repay for them should they be lost.”…the article further quoted the Minister as saying “If a recipient does not care this laptop the loss is going to be their family’s”.
What in fact the Minister said on this matter yesterday was “If a recipient does not care this laptop the loss is going to be their family’s, if they lose it, they will simply have to line up behind 90,000 other families who are eligible to receive a laptop, to be considered for a replacement, but they will not have to pay for it”
Ironically, Minister Nadir in addressing the issue of possible loss of the instruments by recipients, was providing a correction to an earlier Kaieteur News article which had stated that recipients who lose their laptops will be expected to pay US$400 as a penalty. The Minister clarified the matter while hosting a media briefing yesterday at the Laparkan airport hub to mark the arrival of the first batch of 5,000 laptops,.
Notwithstanding the unambiguous clarification made by the Minister yesterday, Kaieteur News has again published the misinformation but this time, through a brazen inaccurate quote attributed to Minister Nadir in an attempt to give this falsehood legitimacy.
We wish to state categorically that there are absolutely no charges for any aspect of the OLPF programme, nor is there any penalty clause in the recipient’s agreement that speaks to payment of any sort. To only penalty in the recipient agreement, is for the OLPF to repossess the instrument should the recipient fail to honour his/her obligations
Safekeeping and permanent possession of the instrument will be the personal responsibility of each recipient who will simply lose the benefit of having an OLPF Laptop should they lose it through negligence or fail to attend the mandatory training programme.
If however, the laptop is lost through theft and the case is so verified through a police investigation, the recipient will be considered for a replacement instrument after all 90,000 eligible persons would have benefited from the programme.
There is also an 18-month warranty from the supplier that could see recipients receiving a replacement instrument within seven days of reporting, should he/she suffer loss of use through technical malfunction or failure, or any other technical flaw that is covered by the warranty.
Meanwhile, the public is reminded that the OLPF Logo is being embossed on all of the Laptops as a security identification mark that will  result in identifiable damage to the instrument were there to be any attempt in remove the marking.
Dario Mcklmon
PRC-One Laptop Per Family

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