An open apology to Moses Nagamootoo

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Dear Editor,
Mr. Nagamootoo, I have berated you, condemned you and criticized you when you chose the path of silence to the egregiousness and atrocities of the Jagdeo regime that have crippled this land.
I said I would apologize to you if you demonstrate the courage, conviction and unyielding fire of patriotism to your country and to the Guyanese people by breaking free from the sordid vice of a vindictive, callous, uncaring and corrupt regime run by a man who is more fascinated with ‘busing’, ‘cussing’, the aggrandizement of self-glorification and the amassing of personal gain on the backs of the working class sufferers of this land. I apologize to you, Mr. Nagamootoo.
When I bludgeoned you over your silence to the stark savagery of the Jagdeo regime, I did not realize that in your indomitable spirit of eternal optimism, you held hope that those who were taking this nation over the edge of the cliff would somehow change.
That you hoped your internal protests and your virtue, character and nobility would awaken some decency, dignity and self-respect in those self-serving men to stop the plunder and the corruption. I did not realize that like anyone who has given their soul to something, it is heart-wrenching to pull oneself free.
That you felt that out of respect to your mentor, Cheddi Jagan, you had a duty to stand amidst the wolves to try to change them even as they ripped the lambs of this nation apart. I was not aware that yours was a demonstration of patience and hope, believing that the who have proven themselves corruptible with power and greed can change.
Your patience was learned from standing for fifty years against tyranny of every kind whether in 28 years of PNC dictatorship and 11 of Jagdeo-led PPP internal dictatorship.
You have been forced into the wilderness by those who have struggled for nothing. By those who abused the mistaken trust placed in them by those who slaved in this land for justice, equality and fairness.
Forced into the wilderness by those had no respect to begin with and who shamelessly court disrespect by disrespecting the people of Guyana while giving themselves fat pensions including a US $180,000 per year windfall that even the President of the most powerful nation on earth, Barack Obama, will never ever collect in a lifetime. Those who were given power after doing nothing of substance, after not having acid thrown at them by thugs, after not being beaten by the same thugs they recruit from to fill the empty void of a hollow PPP.
They will try to tarnish your name and stain your legacy but you dwarf them at every turn. They will always remain in your shadow.
I salute your courage, patriotism, dedication to the land of your birth and your unforgiving quest to improve the lives of those who struggle in the plantation of life that is Guyana under a Jagdeo-led PPP. It is abundantly more than those who cast you out can begin to possess.
They will now cuss you out because it is the only response of the feeble-minded who have no moral authority and no political honesty left. For you are a lion to them. Your feet remain firmly planted in the mud of the working class people while they build mansions by the sea and give themselves US $180,000 tax-free pensions every year while the poor and oppressed Guyanese pensioner gets US $450 per year upon which he/she must pay VAT.
They can’t stand beside you without being overwhelmed by a sense of impotence, inadequacy and defeat. They will call you a divider when they have divided a party built on inclusivity by kicking out the poor working class and given it to the rich, privileged and powerful. When they have denied PPP members an opportunity to vote in a general congress this year because they felt like. The people of Berbice know where your heart and feet are planted. The Guyanese people know where your soul is firmly anchored.
The rage of those who will seek to drag your name in the mud will only consume them. For they do not know or feel love of country, they cannot comprehend the sufferings of the poor of this country because they are fixated on gathering wealth for themselves. Men like Bharrat Jagdeo cannot understand the concept of giving one’s soul to one’s nation.
For men like Bharrat Jagdeo have never been beaten, imprisoned, had acid thrown at them and 28 years of being hounded in their own land Maybe Joseph Hamilton formerly of the House of Israel can explain it to Bharrat Jagdeo.
They can’t understand the depth of patriotism you hold. They are incapable of fathoming the greatest truths ever told about this dear land of Guyana: nation is always before party, country always comes before comrades and the people before political expediency and personal gain.
You have unequivocally demonstrated those truths. I apologize to you Mr. Nagamootoo. There is only one other PPP member I owe an apology to if he demonstrates the audacity of courage that you have shown. That is Ralph Ramkarran.
M. Maxwell

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