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“I am elated as my students are,” said Principal of Queen’s College, Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth, as she reflected on the performance of students of her school at the recent external examinations.
Students of Queen’s College were named among the country’s top performers when the Ministry of Education held its Awards ceremony last Wednesday, and it was students from the said school who captured top Regional positions at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) as well, when the Caribbean Examinations Council released its 2011 results.
Fifteen-year-old Anuradha Dev was named the Region’s overall best performer for the CSEC exam and also the best performer in Science. Mariesa Jagnanan and Nathan Indarsingh, students from the same school, also recorded the best Regional performances in the areas of Business and Short Story writing respectively.
The outstanding results that the school has been producing year after year do not come by chance, according to Hollingsworth.
“We would have worked very hard; our teachers, our students and our parents. I always applaud my parents because they support fully so we can once again celebrate the traditional awards that we are accustomed to…And we look forward to even more next year. We are working towards that,” she confidently asserted.
The Principal noted that while the top performing school does not operate without some challenges, the institution has been fulfilling its mandate to educate the nation’s children by strategizing.

Queen’s College Principal, Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth

“We always try to ensure that our parents are involved in the process. With that I think we are able to maintain the outstanding performances.”
According to Hollingsworth, teachers of the school are committed to the education process and thus have been engaging innovative measures to ensure that students are able to learn in an effective and realistic manner, even though classes are sizeable, in some instances surpassing 60 students per class.
She explained that while facilities such as laboratories are in place, the number of students per class has been posing a problem, thus the need for alternative teaching arrangements, particularly in the area of Science.
“My teachers, they have to strategise; it is imperative that they strategise if our students are to succeed. And if you look at our pass rate per subject area for the entire school, you would see that it is exceptional. It is sad that only one or two students can get the awards. I think that if there were more, perhaps half of the school would have gotten the awards.”
She pointed out that it has become clear that the good working relationship between teachers, parents and students is a crucial factor to ensuring that students’ performance are sustained and improved where necessary.
“This, I think is key for us being successful over the years, even in light of the fact that the school is known for capturing students who are deemed ‘the cream of the crop.’ We do have the ‘cream of the crop’, but that is only one thing. The next thing is to maintain our students’ performance year after year. I am sure that there are schools around the Caribbean that have the ‘cream of the crop’ as well, but they have not been as consistent as Queen’s College over the years. So it therefore means that we are doing something differently.”
The difference, she asserted, is intertwined in the efforts to ensure that there is commitment, communication and inter-relation that is akin to “one big family”.

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