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Dear Editor,
I understand that the AFC is trying its best to attract the voting populace, especially, the youth, now that election is drawing nearer.
But, the party has been proposing the same impractical shopping list manifesto that will only lead Guyana backwards.
Again, we must understand Guyana has no control over the international scene hence it can be affected by external economic shocks, natural disasters, unfavorable trade agreements, and stringent conditionality from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and The World Trade Organization.
For the AFC to propose these unrealistic plans if it gets into office without taking into consideration the local and international constraints affecting Guyana, it is definitely fooling the Guyanese people; as I have written in my previous letters “AFC cake-shop economists did it again, this time they are fooling the Guyanese people” published in Kaieteur News, Guyana Times and Guyana Chronicle and “Guyana at the mercy of AFC cake-shop economists” published by Kaieteur News and Guyana Chronicle.
In Sasenarine Singh’s own words, he stated that “We plan to present a budget and stick with it for the full annual cycle unless we have major developments like floods etc”.
Apparently, the party does know that natural disasters affect Guyana’s economy, particularly, the agricultural sector which contributes more than 30 per cent to GDP, consequently reducing growth and income for the country.
So what change do they actually want for Guyana other than what the PPP/C has struggled for over many years?
The Guyanese can probably forgive the AFC for its immaturity and naivety, since it is the ‘new kid on the block’ and has weak political and governmental experience.
To avoid an embryonic party to take Guyana from good to bad, we will have to vote progress.
Till now, I am sure some Guyanese are still trying to figure out what change they are talking about. Is it comprehensive change? Is it incremental change? If it is comprehensive change, the AFC cannot accomplish this if it gets into office within the first year or even a five-year period. If it is incremental change building on the PPP/C’s great achievements since 1992, it may probably have been more realistic.
But, publicly, the party appears to dislike the PPP/C which built a sustainable foundation for Guyana to progress.
This may be because it wants competition and power, and to show the Guyanese people that it is better than the PPP/C, to get votes. Since, the AFC and APNU offer no competition to the PPP/C, then this election will be a landslide win for the PPP/C.
Peter Allen

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