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Dear Editor,
I would be grateful if my letter can be published so that the Ministry of Labour can intervene into the working facility of some businesses and how underpaid many workers are getting.
There’s an Internet cafe at the Harbour Bridge Mall where the staff has to work from 9am -9pm Monday to Saturday for a mere $2000 per day. I was there a day when the owner told a staff member that she would have to clean the place (sweep and mop plus clean the washroom) for just $2000 per day. My question is do you think it is right for a staff to clean its working environment also?
I then ventured into another location owned by the said owner at Sheriff and Craig Streets and was amazed also with deterioration of the working environment that the staff have to abide with.
The washroom is in a worse state. I wouldn’t even allow myself to use it.What is even worse is that the staff don’t even get lunch hour; they work and eat at the same time…How healthy can that be?
As I inquired since I was curious I was told that they don’t even get leave working there. If they are sick and should stay home they won’t be paid at all or even at the end of the year be given a bonus.
I know it is a private business and one would say that if the workers don’t like what they go through that they should leave. But what happens if there is nothing else to do?
I made a call to the Ministry but was told that only if I happen to be a worker I could make such complain. I think the staff just don’t want to say anything.
What I think should be done is an unexpected check up at certain business places by the Ministry.
Subrina Singh

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