There are people in Guyana who can make a difference

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Dear Editor,
I am not a member of any political party. I am a born Guyanese and a nationalized American Citizen who is trying to live my life peacefully.
But how can I live my life peacefully when I see less fortunate people being used as puppets of the present administration. I cannot do anything, but there are people in Guyana who can make a difference.
The shameless actions of the Jagdeo Administration have a boomerang effect on the Guyanese residing abroad.
Citizens from the other CARICOM Countries keep pointing their fingers in our faces, with remarks such as: Guyana is a land of thieves, drug dealers, low life ministers, robbers in uniforms, etc, etc. How long will this go on?
However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Trade Union leaders, religious leaders, such as: pandits, imams, pastors, priests, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, intellectuals, and politicians who are disgruntled with their own party, should unite and kick the PPP and the PNC out of Guyana.
With the guidance of the aforementioned, I am positive that the electorate will go in the right direction. I know at least a few persons who I believe can contribute to the Guyanese cause.
Moses Nagamootoo, you should have been President of Guyana before Jagdeo. Jagdeo knows that. Moses, use this opportunity to get away from the PPP and join the progressive forces. Ramotar will be no different. They are cut from the same cloth.
It is presumed that the PPP represents the Indians, while the PNC represents the Africans. This always leads to feuds and conflicts resulting in the loss of lives and property prior to and after elections.
Who suffers? These same Indians and Africans. The aforementioned people – priests, union leaders, entrepreneurs, etc, etc, can influence the electorate to make a difference.
Ashley Singh

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