Residents decry damage to Continental Park access road

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– blame private housing development works behind



Residents of Continental Park, East Bank Demerara, have expressed outrage over the state of their main access road which they claimed has been damaged by heavy vehicles passing through to a new housing area being developed behind it.
Continental Park is an upscale residential area located immediately south of Republic Park.
Some 50 acres have been awarded to Caricom Cement Company for private development of houselots, in lands immediately east of Continental Park. That area is to be known as Republic Gardens.
Yesterday, workers were seen removing large clumps of concrete at the entrance to Continental Park, near the GT&T facility, in an apparent attempt to effect repairs.
That access road, according to Alisha Figueira, a long-time resident of the area, has been rapid deteriorating for the past months since heavy vehicles started traversing it.

Residents of Continental Park are complaining about the state of their main access road

“People are tired of this situation. We have raised the matter with the development company but nothing really is being done. They patch it and then we have to endure the situation. We want action. We are in and out here daily and the roads are intolerable.”
Many vehicles would become stuck. Yesterday sections of the road had wooden barriers while another part was not immediately accessible to cars. Steel rods jutted from the holes.
Kaieteur News managed to grab hold of Joshua Safeek, a senior official of Caricom Cement, which is developing the land.
“Yes, we are aware of the complaints. Part of our developmental plans include that same road which we are spending around $30M to pave.”
Safeek admitted that from time to time, repairs have been done to the access road by the company as part of its maintenance programme.
“Our readymix equipment was down for some time and this affected work. But I want to point out that the road is set to be repaired and paved. The contract has already been given out to two companies.”
Regarding the repairs being carried near the entrance, opposite the GT&T facilities, Safeek explained that area does not have proper drainage, leading to foundation problems.
“We have done work on a number of occasions only to have cows being chased on it immediately after. We asked the NDC to help us with the cow problem but nothing really has been done.”
The official admitted that the contract he had with government did not specify a particular road to be used to enter the work site.

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