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Dear Editor,
I wish to make clear the history of Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services Limited (CAMS) becoming a designated fuel handling agent at Ogle Airport, for the benefit of the public.
Guysuco was the sole supplier of Av gas at Ogle from its inception. In 1993, the first turbine engine aircraft using Av Jet fuel arrived at Ogle. Texaco was invited to install an Av Jet fuel facility but politely declined citing lack of volume for such large expenditures.
Texaco however agreed to supply Av jet product to Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services providing they met and adhered to all of Texaco’s technical and safety requirements.
Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services subsequently became an approved Chevron Texaco Fixed Based Operator (FBO). Chevron Texaco sold their Guyana operation to RUBIS West Indies in 2010.
In 1995, Guysuco gave up their Ogle Av gas management contract with Texaco. Texaco then approached Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services who agreed to manage their installation for them. Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services has been managing the supply of all aviation products for the past sixteen years at Ogle.
In 2001, the airport was leased to Ogle Airport Inc. by the Government of Guyana. As the only supplier of Av gas and Av Jet products at Ogle, Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services continued to supply the Airport with these products.
All the operators, including Air Service Ltd, who sat on the board at that time, supported this agreement. Any operator could have set up their own Aviation Fuel installation had they wanted.
From 2007 to 2011 the country witnessed an unusual surge in the acquisition of turbine engine aircraft, particularly by Air Services Ltd. who bought the first of their seven Cessna Caravans in 2007.
Faced with such rapid demand for fuel, Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services made a significant capital investment, to increase storage capacity, and to satisfy the terms of its obligation to Ogle Airport Inc. and the operators at Ogle.
Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services Limited would like to make it clear that it has no wish to exercise a monopoly over the supply of aviation fuel at Ogle airport.
Christopher Correia
Director (Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services)

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