Grove residents complain of unauthorised dumping

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– dumpsite closed several months

Residents of the Grove Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) were forced to erect a barricade on the road leading to the closed Grove/Diamond dumpsite, to prevent persons from dumping garbage at the entrance of the site.
However this has only served to make the situation worse as persons either walk to the entrance of the site or use another road to dump their waste.
Flies, foul odour, pests, and unsightly waste, including dead animals along the road, are some of the inconveniences residents face.
According to the residents, despite visible signboards erected by the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), warning the public that the dumpsite is closed and anyone is found dumping waste there will be prosecuted, persons continue to disobey.

Persons continue to dump garbage at closed Grove/ Diamond dumpsite despite a visible warning signboard

It was revealed that the dumpsite was officially closed several months ago, as all waste collected by the NDC is now being disposed at the Haags Bosch Sanitary Landfill at Eccles, EBD.
The residents emphasised that many complaints were made to the NDC concerning the matter but nothing is being done to address it. They posited that several calls were also made to the police to either arrest or warn the wrongdoers but to date the police have not responded.
For the past two months, the NDC has not collected garbage and residents believe that that might be the reason for persons dumping their garbage wildly.


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