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Dear Editor,
Recently I was shuttled into a state of disbelief and disappointment which thereafter merged to become antipathy towards the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).
My chronicle began three (3) weeks ago subsequent to my arrival in Guyana. I haven’t committed too many mistakes in my life but as the saying goes ‘There is a first time for everything’ and my most prevalent error so far was to open one of the taps in my house for a glass of water.
The substance that poured out of the tap was not water or potable water as was the mandate that the GWI was appointed to provide to citizens of Guyana. Contamination cannot begin to describe the condition of the water. Apart from the overpowering smell of rust and of decayed fish there was a discoloration beyond anything I have ever seen when it comes to potable water. I was informed that this is the service that the GWI was providing for quite some time (1 year to be exact) and that various complaints were made on numerous occasions to the company but with no valid remedy to the problem.
At this point my disbelief that the GWI didn’t resolve this issue even though numerous complaints were filed created a conflict to the point where I can now assume that they are aware of the problem but seem to be disregarding all attempts to find a resolution. My disgust led to a telephone call informing GWI about the health hazard that was pouring from the taps of all the houses in the Cornelia Ida Housing Scheme.  I was given a reference number and told to expect a resolution within three (3) working days. I will leave the readers of this letter only to assume what transpired three days after.
My disappointment can be accounted for at this stage. Providing quality service to every household must be principal in the company’s vision but apparently this factor has been omitted.  Yet another phone call was made to follow up on the previous grievance and this writer was informed that the matter was reported to a “Supervisor” within the GWI. It may appear that this supervisor was dealing with much more important issues than would allow him to have just a glimpse into the report.
All efforts were made to contact someone within the GWI who was capable of enlightening me as to how and when the Cornelia Ida Housing Scheme will be supplied with potable water but to no avail. Twenty one days have elapsed since my first objection to GWI and I am still confronted by tap water that bears a similarity to churned sludge in a container of water. I now express my antipathy towards the GWI.
Fendel Fero
Editor’s Note: A copy of this letter has been sent to GWI for any comment they may wish to make.

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