Dem boys seh…Henry de Yellow is a big sucker

September 4, 2011 | By | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News 

Henry de Yellow must be de biggest sucker in de whole country. When he lost he visa he claim how he didn’t know. And is true. He didn’t know that de Big Man tell de Americans fuh tek it if dem don’t want he fuh be Commissioner.
Is WikiLeaks buss open de story how de Big Man tell dem Americans that dem must tek way he visa and he, de Big man, gun see bout de cancellation of de appointment.
De people tek way Henry visa and de man buss cry. Dem boys believe that he mother dead how he carry on. He throw down and he kick up. Then he call de Big Man who pretend that he didn’t know anything bout de visa.
It was right deh that de Big Man put he foot in he mouth and he put it deep. He claim how de Americans didn’t give he proof. Is then he foot stick in he mouth.
One man seh how he gun help de Big Man tek he foot out he mouth. He cause confusion. One of dem boys get suh vex that he tell he friend that when he tek out de Big man foot from he mouth de Big Man should put de same foot in de man mouth. And is a big foot because it fit de man mouth tight, tight.
Now Henry planning fuh lock up any American who do de slightest thing. He got he eye pun de new Ambassador and according to dem boys, that is why de man ain’t come yet.
But is de laughing in de police force that Henry can’t tek.  People walking near to he and playing cry. When he ask dem wha happen dem telling he that dem crying fuh he visa.
Dem boys now understand why Henry don’t like Paul Slowe and all dem other policemen who does guh to de States. He nearly knock off Vyphuis fuh de same thing. Vyphuis go to de States and overstay he time by two days. Henry call he up.
De other day dem had a security officer forum in de States. Henry didn’t send nobody because he claim that if he can’t go nobody can go.
WikiLeaks talk bout some row over money to send de Crime Chief somewhere. Dem boys waiting fuh that story break because dem sure Henry de Yellow deh at de centre.
Talk half. Lef half.

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