You just don’t make laws to please the public- you make them work

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Dear Editor,
I am writing in connection with the discharge of the alleged domestic violence abuser, the singer of the song: ‘Dem Ah Watch Meh’ on August 24 2011.
I believe that the magistrate has done the right thing – but the fine should have been heavier for wasting society’s attention and taxpayers’ money, police and court time. This is the type of society the reputed victim and her husband want to create – where there is “no law and no order”. Where people can do what they like and get away with it.
I am somewhat in sympathy with this woman. Maybe she has no alternative. She, like other women, has children and if uneducated and unemployed will have no place to go. Incidents of this sort expose the regime’s policy on Domestic Violence. It shows that you just don’t make laws to please the public or the international community – you make them work.
The total failure of the system to help vulnerable women led me to organize for my distant cousin to flee the country for her own safety, because the law-keepers could not offer her any protection. In fact, the establishment allowed the perpetrator to re-enter the home, without any form of protection – astonishing.
It makes a mockery of the Jagdeo-Ramotar big boast about the protection of women in our society that are faced with daily violence. They have no resort or safe houses for them – and consequently the women are forced to return to the same place of abuse and eventually return to their death – as the record shows.
In the UK, where there are similar laws to protect women- there are many safe houses and alternative social security means to protect the women and their children away from their abusers and potential killers. Here the boys in power – talk and talk – and the women campaigners are not yet able to mobilise enough people to get a government that provides these types of facilities.
I hope that this fellow – with his song – “Dem ah watch me” can now make another song – “Dem must jail me if ah beat she again”. Hopefully, it may be a warning to many.
Jinnah Rahman

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