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Gold miner’s police bribe claim…

Following an article in yesterday’s edition of the Kaieteur News about police allegedly demanding money from a gold miner, a senior official of the Force has stated that the matter will be thoroughly investigated.
This publication was contacted for the regulation number of the rank reportedly involved in the incident as well as a contact number for the alleged victims. All the necessary information to begin an investigation has since been handed over to the police.
However, a senior official of the force has indicated that all they have so far is the report in the newspaper, and they are waiting for the victim Alex Williams and his Brazilian colleague to come forward and make an official report to the police.
Williams claimed that himself and the Brazilian GM for a dredge on which he works, were forced to hand over cash in order not to spend a night in the lock-ups.
The incident reportedly took place at the Parika Police Station.
Williams, 22, who hails from Chiung, a community close to the Brazilian border, told Kaieteur News that he and the Brazilian were on their way to Georgetown from Bartica and were passing through Parika when the police there invited them into the station.
According to Williams, they told the police – one male and a female – whose regulation numbers were given to this newspaper, that they were coming from Bartica, but the ranks demanded their “papers”. He claimed that they were stripped down to their briefs, even in the presence of the female rank, but nothing was found. The men were subsequently released after money was allegedly handed over to the ranks.
Recently, the Police Commissioner said that the force would not take any reports lightly about ranks demanding money from foreign gold miners.

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