Drug store proprietor murder…Suspect vows suicide

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The prime suspect in the murder of drug store proprietor Harold Rachpaul has reportedly told close associates that he will take his own life rather than be apprehended.
Police say that the former security guard, familiarly known as ‘Dhal Belly’, hurriedly left his job after learning that detectives wanted to question him further about the case.
Sources said that he was among several persons who were questioned during the early stages of the investigation.
The suspect was employed at a Robb Street establishment near Rachpaul’s Drug Store, where the 84-year-old proprietor was slain.
Kaieteur News understands that detectives have received information that the security guard was seen in Mr. Rachpaul’s yard on the night of the murder.
Investigators believe that the killer made off with some $1M in cash and other items from the victim’s residence.
Police have visited the suspect’s home but have failed to locate him. However, a police official said that word has reached the investigators that ‘Dhal Belly’ has vowed to kill himself rather than be arrested.
Kaieteur News understands that the man has previous convictions for burglary and robbery.
‘Dhal Belly’s former employer yesterday confirmed that police wanted to question him about Mr. Rachpaul’s murder. The businessman said that he had cooperated fully with the police and had handed investigators the suspect’s phone numbers and a photograph of the former guard.
The businessman revealed that the guard had worked with his company for about a year.
Rachpaul’s gagged and bound body was found near his bed at his Lot 75 Robb Street residence by his son and grandson at around 08:00hrs last Friday. An autopsy confirmed that he had been strangled.
Rachpaul lived in the top flat of the three-storey property. A Chinese restaurant was housed in the second flat and the pharmacy in the bottom flat.
Kaieteur News was told that the dead man’s son, Leonard, and his grandson discovered the body when they came to open the premises.
On arrival, they had observed that the back door was open and when they went inside they made the shocking discovery.
Rachpaul, according to relatives, was found wrapped in a bed sheet. The cloth was tied tightly around his head, and his hands and feet were bound with an electrical iron cord. His face had marks of violence.
According to relatives, a vault was open and a quantity of phone cards and cash were missing.
Police sources stated that there were no visible signs of forced entry.
Rachpaul is survived by his wife, who is presently overseas, five sons, a daughter and a number of grand children.

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