Speeding car flies into upper flat living room

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A family of three got the shock of their lives early yesterday morning when a car smashed into the upper flat of their two-storey house at Lot 35 Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The view from inside the Razacks' home.

The driver of the burgundy motorcar, PJJ 6704, was heading south along the East Bank Demerara (EBD) Highway when he lost control of the vehicle, which ploughed through a fence across the road, rode up a small mound and flew through the air into the upper living room of the premises.
Amazingly, the accident which occurred at 04:45hrs resulted in no deaths or serious injuries. However, as a precautionary measure, the four male occupants in the car were placed in a taxi and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.
At the scene, residents converged and were left speechless as to how the car could have reached into that section of the house. They recalled that the men were reeking of alcohol after they exited the vehicle.
“De driver had to get help to come out… all of dem was smelling of alcohol….Dey de drunk.”
Faizal Razack, who lives in the house, said that he was under his step inside his house reading his Qur’ān (Islamic Holy Book) when he heard a resounding noise.
Razack explained that he received the shock of his life when he raised his head and saw the front part of a vehicle in his living room upstairs.
Upon realizing what had occurred, he immediately checked on his wife and daughter who were in the bedroom on the upper flat at the time of the accident. He then determined that they were safe.

The residents of this premises got the shock of their lives.

Residents related that the car which was heading south along the East Bank Highway was being driven at a very fast rate, and after entering Bagotstown, the driver lost control and the vehicle crashed through a nearby fence, missing a utility pole, and ended up in the living room of the house.
The dramatic occurrence resulted in pipelines being severed, a chain-link fence and one made of concrete damaged, and a wall of the concrete and wooden house being totally obliterated along with other items inside the home.

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