Dem boys seh…..Rat get more troublesome

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Rat don’t done. Dem ain’t satisfy wid politics; dem gone and attack a man in de North West. De man lie down in de mortuary dead as a nit. Hat didn’t save he because dem rat attack. Dem eat he eye, he nose he face and of all de things, he pleasure tool. Well from de time dem boys see that dem know who was de rat.
He lef town after he come back from Barbados but he wasn’t satisfied. He decide fuh eat de one thing he like while de others feast pun de eye and dem other parts. But is de man family that really vex.  Dem had plans fuh display de man on de day of de funeral now that plan gone through de window because once dem open de coffin is dem alone gun lef at de funeral.
Dem have other rat too. One set eating cocaine. Dem boys seh that dem go to a police station wheh de patrol seize some cocaine. When de prosecutor ask fuh de evidence, de station sergeant claim how de rats pick de lock to de store box, and enter de box and eat out all de cocaine.
But de greatest thing is how people can borrow other people expensive vehicle. Dem boys want fuh know if de police gun investigate Dale if dem see he driving a Lexus or if dem gun tek it fuh granted because Dale car bruck down and he ask de boss fuh lend him de Lexus.
People see de Lexus park outside Dale house and dem call de police but when people see fancy vehicle park in de station compound dem don’t seh nutten. Is only because Dale talk mek dem mount an investigation and find that people does borrow fancy car to replace dem old one when it break down.
Uncle Freddie always complaining about he old car, well he got a chance to get a fancy one.
Talk half. Lef half.

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