Cops to charge couple, teenage son

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$300M cocaine bust…

 – Attorney

Police have indicated that they will charge Haslington New Scheme residents, Leonard Bacchus, his wife and teenage son, in connection with the recent $300M cocaine find at their home.
Bacchus and his spouse are also likely to be charged for the ammunition that investigators found on their premises, Attorney-at-Law Vickramaditya Puran said yesterday while continuing to maintain that his clients are innocent.
“They will charge the husband (Bacchus) and wife for the ammunition, and they will charge the husband, wife and son for the kunds (which had cocaine),” Puran told Kaieteur News.
Police allegedly found 125 twelve-gauge cartridges and 150 rounds of .32 ammunition while searching the Bacchus’ home.
But the attorney says that his client has stated that the ammunition belongs to a licenced firearm holder, who is presently overseas.
“There is an existing firearm holder who is going to come forward.”
Puran said that the High Court has granted the police permission to detain his clients for a further 72 hours. However, the couple’s daughter has been released.
The attorney insists that his clients were unaware that the cocaine was concealed in the hawan kunds, which he claimed Leonard Bacchus had been hired to clean and polish.
According to Puran, Leonard Bacchus has given police a statement saying that he was merely doing a job of sanding and polishing the Kunds, “which were delivered to him by someone else.”
Puran also accused investigators of trying to force Mr. Bacchus into a plea bargain deal and into implicating others in the drug find.
Meanwhile, Kaieteur News understands that investigators are still questioning a housing scheme developer whom they had arrested Thursday, after allegedly being informed that he was the person shipping the kunds overseas.
Detectives are also seeking another businessman but are reportedly yet to locate him. That businessman was implicated in a Canada drug bust three years ago.
Police said that the Bacchus family had been under surveillance for three months prior to the discovery of 72 kilograms of cocaine in their home.

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