Budding engineer secures 12 grade ones at CSEC

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Seventeen -year-old Joshua Seepersaud has every reason to be a proud young man at the moment.  The New Amsterdam Multilateral Student secured 12 grade one passes with nine distinctions at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.
The budding engineer from Lot 6 Betsy Ground, East Canje cannot be any prouder, since his results have placed him second among his peers in Berbice and among the top 15 in the country.

Joshua Seepersaud

Speaking to Kaieteur News, the lad who is from a single-parent family, stated that his favourite subjects are Physics and Mathematics. He was not too surprised at his results, and expected to do well, as this was always the case in school – he was always in the top five.
Joshua says grade ones were on the cards, especially given the amount of studies and other dedicated work he put in. English was his only worry.
He stated that preparation for his examination was very challenging, and he had to discipline himself and concentrate on what he had to do, but he had fun doing his School-Based Assessments (SBAs).  Coming close to examination time he said that he had to make tremendous sacrifices – giving up a number of things including playing his favourite game Table Tennis, hanging out with friends and most of all his sleep.
He opined that CSEC was not and is not difficult, and it was fun preparing. He stated that he really got down to serious studies a few weeks before his exams began. He did most of his studies using a time-table and engrossed himself in individual and group studies.
A staunch Christian and a member of the Lutheran Church, the young man thanks his Creator, first and foremost, without whom he insists nothing would have been possible, his mother who is always by his side and correcting him whenever he goes wrong and slips out of line, and his late grandmother who was always an inspiration. He was also high in praise for his other relatives, his teachers, both at school and lessons, and several of his peers.
Joshua plans to go the University of Guyana to pursue studies in Engineering. He has applied to gain entry to the tertiary institution for the new semester, but hasn’t received any affirmative notification as yet. He is waiting for a call from the University to see if his submission would be treated as a late application.
His mother Yvonne Seeperasud stated that she always knew that Joshua would have done well at school. She recounted that since at Primary school he would top, and was always among the prizes and other awards. The woman who is a single-parent asserted that she was always into her son’s affairs and would sometimes stay up with him late at nights.
She would frequently visit the school and keep in touch with his teachers.
“Parents must have a relationship with their children’s teachers and once you have a partnership, things will go well.  I encourage other parents to keep in touch with their kids and the school. I know peer pressure is a big factor, but parents have a part to play,” his mother stressed.
“When I paid for his examination last year I knew she was not paying in vain.” (Samuel Whyte)

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