Tearful teen bandit leads cops to partner

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Due to the relentlessness of ranks of a police anti-crime unit patrolling the East Coast of Demerara, two young men from the village of Vryheid’s Lust spent Sunday night in custody for the first time and could soon get their first taste of the Camp Street jail.
The youths, whose ages are 17 and 19, were nabbed shortly before midnight Sunday, a few hours after they had relieved a 19-year-old woman of her jewellery and some foreign and local currency.
Police said that the victim, Shavanie Totaram, positively identified the men as well as the items that were recovered from their person.
Reports reaching Kaieteur News stated that around 19:30 hours, Totaram was walking along the Ogle Access Road on her way home when she was confronted by two young men.
One of them pointed a gun to her head and demanded that she hand over her valuables.
Totaram became afraid and complied with the robbers’ demands by handing over her purse which contained US$200 and G$1000. She also gave the youths her two gold finger rings which had a total value of $30,000.
The two youths then escaped on a bicycle, while Totaram made her way to the Sparendaam Police station where she reported the matter.
Hours later, ranks of a police mobile patrol led by Cadet Officer Fredericks responded to the report and while combing the Ogle area came upon the 17-year-old suspect.
This newspaper understands that he admitted to the robbery and with tears streaming down his face, he took the ranks to a Vryhied’s Lust home where he pointed out his accomplice.
Police however have not recovered the weapon that was allegedly used although they have been informed that it might have been a toy gun.

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