Man shot dead in North West

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By Rabindra Rooplall


While intervening in a squabble between two men, one of whom was a relative of his, 42-year-old Emanuel Evans was shot and killed at Powis Backdam, Five Star, North West District, in the wee hours of yesterday morning.
Reports are that Evans was shot in the chest while representing his relative, 23-year-old Ewart Hescott who was also shot, but in the region of his groin. He was said to be bleeding profusely and needed serious medical attention.
Evans previously resided at lot 60 Kuru-Kururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway.

Dead: Emanuel Evans

According to a police press release, investigations so far reveal that the two men went to the businessman’s shop where they requested goods on credit.  The businessman refused and an argument ensued during which it is alleged that the businessman pulled out a firearm and shot the men.
“Emanuel” succumbed to his injuries, while efforts are being made to get the so far unidentified injured (Ewert Hescott) man to the Port Kaituma Hospital.”
However, the suspect fled the scene and has not yet been arrested, the release concluded.
According to Kenesha Hescott, the niece of the deceased and the sister of Ewart Hescott, her uncle had been in the interior location since September, last, for the first time.
She said her uncle and brother were working in the “gold bush” and the family received a phone call early yesterday morning with the shocking news.
However, she noted that after contacting the Port Kaituma police station to enquire about the body of her uncle and other information relating the incident that led to his demise and the shooting of her brother, she was given the cold shoulder and the police later hanged up the phone on her.
One of Evans’ sisters disclosed that she was called early yesterday morning and was told that there was bad news. “I say what? And then she (caller) say yuh brother died… because my brother-in-law called her and say that my brother get shoot and he dead.”
Noting that a complaint was lodged at Eve Leary, relatives collectively agreed that they are appealing to the police and relevant authorities to make the body available to be shipped to the city where the deceased can receive a proper burial.
“We don’t have any relatives there and we want the body to be sent to town as soon as possible…but somebody already left to go up there.”
When Port Kaituma Police were contacted they disclosed that they had received reports of the incident and had sent policemen to investigate.
Recently there have been several complaints that the mortuary at Matthews Ridge is not functioning as it should and this has caused tremendous expenses to be incurred by relatives of persons who have passed away.
Reports are that when the bodies have to be stored at this location, the facilities in the mortuary do not allow for proper storage.
It was further revealed that the doctor only visits the area when there are a number of bodies to conduct post mortem examinations.

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