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By Latoya Giles

After the Hits and Jams Entertainment group stunned fans last year when they featured top rated R and B singer Neyo, as their International Artiste, I was eager to know who would have been featured this year.
After weeks of deliberation and much anxiety, the group disclosed that they would have been featuring not one, but two international artistes.
The two were identified as Rapper/ songwriter Eve and the newest R and B sensation Trey Songz.
With that combination patrons were promised an amazing night of entertainment, and the two did not let down.
On Saturday night, both artistes performed to key and had the patrons literally begging for more.
Coordinators for the Hits and Jams must be complimented for their early start and flow of the acts for the Jamzone calendar of events this year.

R&B sensation Trey Songz does his thing

First to hit the stage on Saturday night show was local boy, Don Gialiani. Now it must be said that this was my first time hearing him perform and to my surprise he actually did well. He came with his entourage, who had sections of the VIP area imitating some of his cool dance moves.
Up next was our girl Timeka Marshall. Marshall had a few of the male patrons dazed by her “eye appealing” outfit. Although she gained more crowd appeal this year around, the songs seemed “a little old”.
Marshall gyrated across the stage in unison with her back-up dancers and as she belted out her tunes, while the DJ announced that she would be joined by West Indian Cricketer Dwayne Bravo.
Now Bravo is known for making runs and taking wickets, so I might have made an odd suggestion that he stick to that since singing might not be his strong point.
As HJ DJ Kerwin and Ceon hyped the crowd with a few tracks, revellers were now in full party mood.
Then came Eve….
As she shouted,’ what’s up Guyana’, the crowd went into a frenzy. She was in full party attire, black see-through top and black leather legging with a hot pair of red shoes.
Eve, who was once the “First Lady of Rap and Hip Hop’, represented this all the way.
From the time she stepped onto the stage there was this swagger about her. You just know she knows her thing.
Eve belted out tunes which had the crowd singing along with her. Many of her fans knew that Eve’s music carries a few tainted words, but that didn’t stop the hip-hop star or the crowd after they blurted out a few expressions once or twice together.
As the singer got acquainted with the audience, she began pitching out a few dancehall reggae hits, expressing her disappointment that she would not be here for the “Gully/ Gaza” show.
Eve’s “Tambourine” single caused a section of the VIP to go into an uproar.
Her performance lasted for about 45 minutes and as soon as this brown-skinned beauty left the stage, the ladies began shouting for the headlining act – Trey Songz.
The head of his security team inspected the stage thoroughly, while his band members were setting up their equipment.
Then the moment came that the crowd had been waiting for, the R and B sweetheart made his way to the stage.
One could have seen the pure dedication when he was singing his songs. One young lady who was standing next to me sang lustily along with Trey as he went smoothly through some of his hot songs.
Now this young lady I just mentioned became very noticeable, she shouted and screamed as though she was going to faint. I suggested that she had consumed a little too much of the summer cocktails that the VIP bar was giving out.
Trey’s band was excellent, it sounded as though they were in the studio recording. Back to the young lady next to me, as the handsome singer pointed randomly to the ladies, she climbed onto the barricade.
Trey’s head of security came and warned her, but that really didn’t stop the young lady. “He really aint know Guyanese yeh,”she said as he turned his back, and she got right back to her loud screams.
As Trey began to sing his one of his hit single “Making Love Faces”, the ladies went into panic mode. The women were shouting hysterically as he took off his white jersey. He then did something a few persons did not expect.
One lucky young lady was pulled on stage to get up close and personal.  She appeared dazed as he caressed her body ending with what I’m sure of was a kiss, behind his jersey.
His last tune for the night was “Bottoms Up” which is one of the hottest songs out right now.
The show attracted a large crowd, but that much was expected at the National Stadium on Friday.

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