GT&T BIKER FEST thrill fans with breathtaking stunts

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Dubbed the ‘Biggest Family Event’ in Guyana, the 6th BIKERS FEST Show at the National Park Tarmac on Sunday lived up to all expectations and fans were truly entertained and thrilled with an unforgettable evening.
Being held under the theme ‘Magic in the Sky’, BIKERS FEST 2011, the promoters promised and the performers delivered.  From the opening acts put on by the Local BMX Bicycle Boys fans were impressed and showed their appreciation as their appetites was whet for the excitement to come.

Some of the bikers going through their gravity defying routines at the Park.

The team of Geared UP with Joseau and Jacob straight from the Sunshine State Florida showed they have mastered the street bikes aka CBR. While riders from Ruthless Tactics Stunt Team from New Jersey…who specialize in drifting which is a new style in the stunt world, did their thing to the pleasure of the packed National Park.
But the best was left for last as the FMX EAST Stunt Team Riders from Atlanta, which featured Clint Esposito, Dan Weeks, Robert Dotson & Tim Dyson; ramp riders aka gravity deifiers put on some extreme displays off the specially made steel ramps constructed by INFAB, that brought ooohs and aaahs and loud applause from the fans.

Jacob does his famous leap over an advancing team member.

One stunt saw one of the high flyers doing a summersault in mid air of the ramp and making a safe landing with brought the crowd on its feet and evoked sustained applause and buzz for about five minutes as they marveled in amazement at the spectacle presented.
Truly amazing and entertaining, hats off to the GT&T and their CEO Yog Mahadeo, who in brief remarks prior to the show, promised to come better next year…guess the fans present can hardly wait.

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