Fraud charges against rice official dismissed

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Fraud charges which were brought against Salim Jairam, Secretary of the Alesie Guyana Rice Company, have been dismissed.
Jairam was accused of misusing rent that was collected on behalf of another man.
Jairam, 32, of Lot 241 Second Field, Cummings Lodge, pleaded not guilty to 11 summary charges of fraudulent conversion.
He had denied that between May 1, 2007 and July 7, 2010, being solely entrusted during this period with a total sum of $1.1 million in rent that he collected from Peter Lester, Joseph Carpen and Sharon Ann Khan to deposit into the account of their landlord, Joseph Morgan, he fraudulently converted it to his own uses.
Morgan is the owner of a building with several rooms that he rents in Thomas Street, Kitty. Morgan lives overseas and Jairam is the person he authorised to collect the rent for him and deposit it into his bank account.
However, on May 19, 2010, Morgan allegedly made contact with the bank and was told that he had no money in his account.
The Prosecutor had told the court that soon after Morgan came to Guyana, and later claimed that his tenants gave Jairam their monthly rent but that he had been converting it to his own uses.
Jairam was placed on $360,000 bail when the matter was first called on August 2.
The matter was called several times before Magistrate Geeta Chandan- Edmond.
Evidence was given by the Virtual Complainant Joseph Morgan, Constable Baksh and Corporal Wills from Brickdam and Jairam in his own defence.
Those who claimed that they paid Jairam rent never turn up in court to give evidence.
The charges were subsequently dismissed.

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