Fire strikes in Linden

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A blaze of unknown origin early yesterday morning gutted a house at Stuart Path, Christianburg, Linden, and sent several residents scrambling to shut off the power to their homes, after the fire was observed on a nearby lantern post.
One neighbour said that he was awakened by his dogs, which had begun to bark, and upon investigating noticed the fire on the lantern post connecting the power line to his house. He said that he quickly alerted other residents to what was happening.
Some residents indicated that at first they did not see the fire on the house, as it was located

Caretaker Daniel Crandon stands near what remains of his friend's property.

behind the other houses at Stuart Path, and was therefore hidden from view. They pointed out that they had only noticed the fire on the lantern post, sometime after 3 a.m.
“Right away people start calling out to each other and telling them to shut off their main switch, because everybody get frightened,” one woman reported.
Calls were also made to the Linden Fire Service and the linesmen of the Linden Utility Cooperative Society Limited (LUSCSL) who soon arrived on the scene and took off the power.
The fire service reportedly arrived on the scene when the house was almost totally consumed.
Daniel Crandon, the caretaker of the house, said that he was at his shop resting, when one of the ferry boat operators run and told him, “Man you deh hey sleeping and the house burning”.
Crandon said he was in shock, as he couldn’t understand what could have caused the fire. However he left his shop at the Mackenzie market, and hurried across the river to check on the house.
“By the time I get here the place de done bun down, the fire tender and everything was here, but nothing was saved, everything bun up.”
Crandon said that the house belonged to his friend, Phillip Dutchin, who presently lives in Montserrat.
According to him, he was left in charge of the house, but spent most of his time at his shop. However he would make regular checks on the house to see that everything was in order.
He said that he could not estimate his losses, neither those of his friend.
Crandon said he has so far been unable to make contact with Dutchin, as he had no cell phone, and the man’s numbers were stored at the house.
Investigations are currently ongoing to determine what may have caused the fire.

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