Dem boys seh….Some cops clothes crooked

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Some senior policemen worrying bout dem future. Some wukking pun plan to keep nice wid de boss who get vex because some of he own people start fuh point finger. Dem boys seh that he worried that people might get he in de mix up and he don’t want spoil de few morning he got left in de force.
According to de news, is one man who get vex when he walk in de compound and see some high end vehicle. He know that he can’t buy one of that although he come from a family that got money. Then he see another poor-ass policeman driving a vehicle more big than a house.
Now some cops frighten that de word gun reach CANU and that de CANU people gun set trap. That is a thing call entrapment. But it got more than that. De public relations wukking pon a plan and is a serious plan.
One of the thing is that dem gun have couple policeman drop hand pun all dem reporter who like talk. Dem done got dem eye pun one and he like talk. Dem gun wait till dem see he in some traffic violation and lock he up for seventy-two hours. All dem got to do is drop dem hand pun he.
But dem boys hear that some of dem cops justifying why dem doing wha dem doing. Dem point to de trees and de animals and all dem things in nature. One of dem ask a man to watch dem same things and report wha he see. Is then de man realize that dem ain’t got nutten straight. Nature love crooked things. That is wha one policeman tell dem boys.
And it mek sense. De only thing is that a man must live straight because people don’t accept dem friends who got a crooked hand and a crooked foot or a crooked mouth that twist when some people get stroke.
Nuff big ones in de force crooked too. All dem boys got to look at dem. Dem belly out of shape and dem clothes does fit dem crooked. That is why dem doing crooked things.
Talk half. Lef half.

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