“Fake pastor” fleeces believers

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Allegations are being made that a man operating underthe pretext of being a pastor is fleeccing unsuspecting individuals.
Several victims have given Kaieteur News the alleged perpetrators name.
Reports are that the so-called pastor goes around telling people that he can help them in their “situations” while presenting an allegedly false document. The document states that the name of the ministry that he leads is Breach Repairer, Forceful Taker Ministries International.
A source told this newspaper that the said man was seen working with a group of prisoners some time ago.
He usually convinces persons into giving finances for various things which are non-existent. He also told persons that he has a church at Diamond on the East Bank Demerara but when attempts were made to check it out, it turned out to be a fabrication.
The man who reportedly resides at Bella-Dam, Pouderoyen, called Mark Crawford on June 29, last, asking for money to clear some containers that would see his (Crawford’s) church benefit from a laptop computer, chairs and food and clothes for the members.
Crawford’s wife had passed away a short time ago leaving her Setting the Captives Free Ministry behind.
Subsequently, the “pastor” contacted Crawford on his wife’s phone, requesting a quantity of money to clear the containers.
Crawford then willingly gave $21,000 to the man on July 9, last, to clear the containers. To date, nothing was given to Crawford’s church.
There were also instances where the man requested finances from other members of the church. He reportedly told one member that he would take her to the United States to see the famous Juanita Bynum preach at a conference. He added that if the person gave him a specific sum of money he would buy the ticket and make sure everything else was in order. Fortunately, the woman hadn’t the money at that time of the request.
However, there was one member who got caught in the slips. He was told that if he gave $9000 he would get a large print Bible and a concordance for that value. Unfortunately, he has not received those books to this date.
The “pastor” listed a mobile number on the document that he presented. When Crawford tried to contact the number on several occasions, the man’s wife answered and said that he was not there.
Recently, calls made to that number proved futile because the phone “is not within the service area or has been turned off”.
Crawford even visited the man’s Pouderoyen home to no avail.
Crawford said he is reaching out to the public to make it known that this Pouderoyen man is committing fraudulent acts and if anyone is approached by him, they should not believe his “lies”.

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