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Ajay Persaud– Sixteen year-old Ajay Persaud of St. Joseph’s High School secured a total of 12

Sixteen-year-old Ajay Persaud.

Grades One at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations. Speaking with this publication from his Ogle, East Coast Demerara home, Ajay said he was totally surprised at the news. When the lad received the telephone call from Kaieteur News, he was convinced that someone was playing a prank on him. The young man said that although he was confident in the work he had put in, he was still a bit skeptical given the fact that for two subjects he hadn’t teachers. He explained that while preparing for the exams, there were no Chemistry or Physics teachers, so he relied mainly on his elder brother who had previously excelled in both areas. The aspiring Environmental Scientist said that for him, writing the examination was a pressure since he had to live up to his parents’ expectation. “Back in 2007 my brother Avinash Persaud was second in the country so that in itself was a challenge, trying to keep the family name in the spotlight.”
He said he has not only made himself proud but his family.  For Ajay, preparation overall for the exam was easy, given the fact that he was able to balance study and play.
“I would tell others not to keep going all the time with the book because eventually you will get burn, try to strike the balance.”
However now that all his hard work has paid off, Ajay said he will take a break, have a little extra fun, after which he intends to pursue studies in Environmental Science at the University of Guyana. He explained that while there was a shortage of Chemistry and Physics teachers at his school, there were persons who were willing to volunteer their services but were told they couldn’t unless they held a University Degree.
Ajay wrote, Mathematics, English ‘A’, English ‘B’, Spanish, Agricultural Science, Geography, Social Studies, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Electronic Data and Processing Management.

Sanjiv Nandalal

Sanjiv Nandalal-Also making his family proud and keeping the name in the spotlight is 16-year-old Sanjiv Nandalal of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan School.
He said he was not expecting 13 Grade Ones. He told this newspaper that he put in a lot of work but excelling to this point was never in his mind.
For him his sleepless nights and extra lessons have paid off. This lad who is apprising to be the best there is in the Information Technology field said he will pursue studies abroad after which he will return to his homeland to give back. Sanjiv says his inspiration came from his brother who was also among the country’s top performers at CXC back in 2009. He said he also owes it to his teachers who ensured that every aspect of the syllabus was covered and still found time to engage himself and other students in extra lesson.
Sanjiv was successful in Mathematics, English A, English B, Principle of Accounts, Principle of Business, Human and Social Biology, Geography, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Spanish, Caribbean History and Information Technology.

Tishana Arthur– Teshana Arthur wrote 13 subjects and gained Grade One passes in all, not only

making herself proud but her family and her school, St. Roses High. Tishana also had many sleepless

Tishana Arthur

nights and hours of extra lessons.

Her secret to success was to pay keen attention while the teachers were in her classroom as she took advantage of questioning them when she was not clear on a topic. She was grateful to her teachers including Kester Thompson, Ms. Samantha Success, Ms. Norma Hughes and ‘Sir’ Blackman who were always patient with her at times when she was overwhelmed. She said she owes it mostly to Jehovah for his mercies and protection since there were many late nights she spent on the city roads waiting for transportation to get home way out on the East Coast of Demerara.

Davendra Persaud

Davendra Kissoon – After acquiring 12 Grade Ones at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) examinations Davendra Kissoon was placed among the top students in the country.
Davendra told this publication that he was not really into studying and described himself as the least exemplary person. He also added that it was only months before exams that he was determined to pass and like many, Davendra too studied past 3:00pm.
He credits for his success his teachers Sir Aris and Sir Hardyal, and also his mother, brothers and his uncles.
As far as tertiary studies go the lad said he is still debating on what he wants to do but he is however certain that he will later pursue a Degree in Economics.

Alicia Bankay

Alicia Bankay -It was after two years of preparation for the examination that Alicia Bankay was able to acquire 12 Grade Ones as the CSEC examinations. Alicia noted that her teachers went in depth with the entire syllabus for each subject area starting from Third Form.
“I thank my parents who believed in me and my teachers especially ‘Sir’ Hardyal from Queen’s College, who is my Chemistry teacher, and I love Chemistry.”
“Next, I plan on enrolling at School of the Nations for my ‘A’ levels and then to University, although I’m not sure if it will be Guyana or overseas to do Research Science, particularly in Chemistry”.

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