Guyanese aims to serve country through ‘Work, Calling & Human Dignity’

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Dr. Dale Dan, formerly of Garnett Street, Campbellville, is the daughter of Ramnarine and Bebe Nysha-Dan, both now deceased.  Her father engineered the building of many of the roads and culverts throughout Guyana while her mother, who owned Campbellville Commercial College (CCC), single-handedly trained and prepared over five thousand (5,000) ladies for the workplace during a fifteen-year period. Dr. Dan received her secondary education at the St. Rose’s High school. 
Dale left Guyana to further her studies. She pursued her Associate and Bachelor Degrees at The Ohio State University and University of Jose Ortega & Gassett in Toledo, Spain respectively, in the areas of Justice and Language. She topped her class as the first America-based student to win the Blue Ribbon Award at Jose Ortega. She further pursued studies in Public Administration, her Masters in Business Administration then a Doctorate with a triple concentration in Education, Organizational Leadership and Human Resource Development.
Dale excelled in her doctorate placing at the top of a graduating class of 286 students with a perfect 4.00 GPA. Her professional focus has been on education as she built and evaluated online and traditional universities located in 43 countries.
It was a long standing desire of Dale and her mother (who died in 2008) to return more opportunities for a superior, value-based, affordable education solution to the Caribbean – an education that adds international variety to the already quality education in the region. This desire was partly based on her own determination to succeed despite the challenges of being an international student.
Dale was positioned to realize her desire in January, 2010 when she became Vice President of the Florida and Caribbean Region for Bakke Graduate University (BGU) headquartered in Seattle, Washington. BGU teaches in forty countries worldwide and is deeply committed to changing lives, cities and nations globally through the education process. Its education is very practical and project based and is aimed at helping countries escape the brain-drain dilemma. This is done by involving students in local community-based projects while helping to fund these through local and foreign dollars.
The increase in community-based projects in all industries can create jobs for students upon graduation. Students intern at a variety of organizations during their studies while receiving credits in return for their work. The entire BGU experience has been defined as global transformation by many of its students and constituents.
BGU focuses on programs such as Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Arts in Social & Civic Entrepreneurship (MASCE), Master of Arts in Global Urban Leadership (MAGUL); Doctor of Ministry (DMin), and soon the Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL).  All degrees have multiple tracks. The format used is hybrid – in person and online. The in-person allows students to enjoy the traditional meetings while the online adds the contemporary technological expertise where students can sit in a classroom with others located in multiple countries.  What a rich learning experience in a world that is so global!
In May, 2010, the university launched and started classes in Jamaica, followed by multiple islands in The Bahamas. Plans are in train to start classes in the Eastern Caribbean in Antigua, Anguilla, Tortola, St. Kitts and St. Martin.
Dale looks forward to launching the university in Guyana and Trinidad in January 2012. BGU has approved US$3.3M in scholarships which will allow her to reach out to many Guyanese who desire a high quality and practical yet affordable education.

President of Bakke Graduate University, Dr. Brad Smith, enjoyed his visit to Guyana in 2011 and is committed to serving its students along with the rest of the BGU Team. Dr. Smith met with several leaders while in Guyana and did a seminar on ‘Work, Calling and Human Dignity’ also known as TOW (Theology of Work) as he enjoyed interacting with leaders from various organizations.
This course has been taught globally in over 39 countries – causing transformation in the work place as employees embrace ethics at all levels of their work. Guyana was approved for a Grant that will further this message of ‘Work, Calling & Human Dignity’ later this year through a series of seminars.
Dr. Dan is grateful for the opportunity to return something to her country based on what she has been blessed with during these past years. She is committed in her efforts to reach out to a country she loves and respects. Dale believes that the timing of her service to Guyana is right and is dedicated to serving as much as she can. Her only regret is that her mother is not here to share this joy but she knows that she is present in spirit.
Dr. Dan addressed a full audience earlier this year to discuss education opportunities and scholarships available to Guyanese:
She can be reached at the following email address: or through the BGU Guyana Representative, Cecily Bernard at Phone numbers are USA: 561-635-8121, local: 592-231-7303. Further details on Bakke Graduate University can be had at their Website:

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