Dem boys seh…. Milk choke some fat cat

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People seh that you don’t put cat fuh watch milk. De police force got nuff cat and dem same cat got to watch milk. De other day a man decide that he can push cocaine but he didn’t bargain fuh dem cat. De only difference is that de cat couldn’t see de milk and lef it.
This time Henry de Yellow boasting how he got de best cats in de force. And when people criticize dem same cat he does get vex. Well, de man who had de milk set a trap because de cat smell something and wasn’t a rat.
People does protect dem property. De man try fuh protect de cocaine. He pay money but cat can’t see milk.  Three of dem get greedy. Dem wasn’t satisfy wid de money. De want de cocaine too. But de man set dem up and when he present de evidence was confusion. One of dem holler how he gun give back de money but he ain’t mention de cocaine.
Henry de Yellow shame. He lash out and drop de boomed cats. One of dem vomit de milk; another cry how he didn’t get any and de third claim how he give Henry de Yellow he share. Well that cause confusion.
But de thing that got dem boys confuse is that the same cat who does charge everybody suddenly telling people how he got to wait pun advice. But it look like  de advice gun tek some time. Cat don’t like charge other cat.
Wha happen to de man wid de drugs? Henry de Yellow seh that nobody ain’t got evidence because de man gun disown de drugs. He gun deny that he had any. If by chance de real good police get it is evidence but dem cat that drink de milk mek sure that dem sell it.
Henry de Yellow now hire detectives to track de missing cocaine. Dem put out a trace. Bar-Rat lef de country because he tell dem boys he ain’t able try wid that. He tell Henry, though, that if he don’t solve this problem he gun loss de wuk. Henry getting sick again.
Talk half. Lef half.

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