Boxers ink contracts in preparation for August ProAm affair

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By Michael Benjamin
It was just around 13:30hrs last Friday afternoon and the various boxers contracted to slug it out in the August Fight Night boxing card were in solemn, concentrated moods as they affixed their respective signatures to their contracts.
Unbelievably, the forum was devoid of the boastful epithets that characterize these events as each boxer scrawled his/her signature on the dotted lines. The boxers were conforming to the final rituals to solidify their respective battles in the August ProAm affair scheduled for Friday 26 at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH).

From left: Revlon Lake, London, Blackman, Smith and Jones are a picture of concentration as they sign their respective contracts.

Pauline London, usually the talkative pugilist, uncharacteristically retained a stony silence as she solemnly affixed her signature to the document. She battles Veronica Blackman after the latter fighter’s original opponent, Mandessa Moses, was ruled out of the bout. Despite the stony silence both fighters exchanged vitriolic stares which sent an ominous warning.
Barbadian based Guyanese pugilist, Revlon Lake, who recently defied the odds and defeated Mark Austin in the June edition of the ProAm boxing card for the local lightweight title, was also in attendance and so was his opponent Cecil Smith. The two took up strategic positions at opposite ends of the table as though afraid to sit close lest the fight start there and then.
Lake needs no introduction to the boxing public after his ninth round demolition of Mark Austin in an earlier edition of the fight night cards. This victory has introduced him to the local audience and he has managed to worm his way into their hearts.
His fans would be happy to hear that he will be returning to don gloves once again, this time against Smith. The two will clash over four rounds. Also, in the main attraction, Kwesi ‘Lightening Struck Assassin’ Jones would attempt to replicate a recent scintillating performance when he took an impromptu fight against Anthony Augustin and registered a decisive victory. He will be up against another Barbadian based Guyanese, Cleveland Fraser in the first defence of his local light/heavyweight crown. Fraser is still to arrive in Guyana but reports from the Land of the Flying Fish suggests that he is diligently applying himself to his training at the Carrington Boxing Gym in that country to erase the recent blotch to his career at the hands of Kurt Bess.
Jones has also been pushing his body to the hilt and from all indications is bent on emulating his countryman while retaining his belt. Should he enter the ring in a similar form as when he fought Augustin, this should not be a difficult task. However, the mercurial nature of the sport might just have the final say.
Otherwise, Clive Atwell returns from his St Lucia to tackle Barbadian Gardiel Roberts in a junior/lightweight scrap. Atwell’s only blemish to an otherwise impeccable professional record is a drawn decision to Mark Austin last year.  A classy fighter, Atwell will want to overcome Roberts and silence his critics that he has what it takes to make the international transition.
With the professional side of the card finalized, the organizers are currently awaiting the release of those amateur boxers that will participate in the programme.
The ProAm boxing cards are an initiative of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control in collaboration with the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), National Communications Network (NCN) and the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports.

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