Husband shoots wife

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– Tells her sibling: “It ain’t look like she gon dead…tek she to de hospital.”

A popular gold dealer is now police custody after shooting his reputed wife twice to the shoulder, just after 02:00hrs yesterday at the couple’s lot 309 Rohintal Street Prashad Nagar Home.
Reports are that Karen Kerr, a 33-year-old mother of four, was shot twice to the shoulder, allegedly by her reputed husband David “Blacks” Joseph.

Injured: Karen Kerr

Her sister Carolina Welcome yesterday told Kaieteur News that it was around 02:00hrs when she heard a strange noise. Welcome explained that she lives in the lower flat of the home, while her sister and her husband live upstairs with their four children.
The sister recounted that she was awakened by a loud rumbling and immediately thought that bandits were attacking her neighbours.
Welcome said she got up and peeped through a window, but saw nothing. However, after listening keenly, she realized the noise was coming from upstairs.
She told Kaieteur News that she exited her backdoor and started walking up the back steps. As she walked up the stairs, Welcome said she heard her brother-in-law and sister arguing. The woman said that shortly after she heard two gunshots.
Welcome said after hearing the gunshots she ran back downstairs to her premises and within seconds she saw her brother-in-law in the yard.
“I see he come downstairs ….and he deh walking round de yard like if something wrong,” Welcome said.
The woman stated that she was a little nervous but went outside to the man. Welcome said she enquired from him what the problem was, and without missing a beat, he allegedly admitted to shooting her sister.
“He seh I got something to tell yuh, ah just shoot yuh sister…it ain’t look like she gon dead…tek she to de hospital.”” Welcome told Kaieteur News.
Welcome said she was shocked and asked if he was joking, but he didn’t deny it.
The man then called his wife’s brother Mickey, and threw his car keys and money to him and told him to take his sister to the hospital.
The husband then walked calmly away from his home as though nothing had happened. The woman was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital, where she immediately underwent surgery.
According to relatives the bullet grazed the woman’s lungs and her intestines have several holes due to the gunshots. She was receiving oxygen and intravenous drips up to press time.
Her condition has been listed as critical, but stable. Kaieteur News was told that the two have been living together for the past 19 years.
Meanwhile the police in a press statement stated yesterday that they were investigating the incident.
Investigations so far have revealed that Kerr and her reputed husband had a misunderstanding while at their home during which she was shot.
A few neighbours’s yesterday told Kaieteur News that they were shocked by the incident, since they described the couple as loving.

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