Green Acres community to open early next year.

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The fast growing Buddy’s Housing Development is looking to open its new Green Acres gated community by early 2012.
The budding community which is located at Providence behind the National Stadium will see persons of varying social classes benefit. Thus, since there is no specific target group, homes from as low as $16M could leave one in luxurious comfort with expensive finishes.
Two hundred and fifty (250) house lots will make up the scheme. To date, 60% of those lots are already sold and the first 50 houses are being constructed.  A glimpse of the external finished product
Upon completion of the project next year, all residents will have equal access to a Shopping Plaza which will include a supermarket, and a recreational area facilitated with a swimming pool, lawn tennis court and basketball court.
The lighted scheme will be provided with 24-hour security service.
The company will ensure that all of the roads are constructed with paves and are durable.
Some of the projects that Buddy’s Housing Development can use to testify of its “pride and excellence” can be seen in Greenfield Park and Somerset Court at Providence and Herstelling respectively, on the East Bank Demerara, and Granville Park around the Beterverwagting (BV) area on the East Coast Demerara.
Offered in the Green Acres package are flat 3-bedroom homes for $16M and 2-storey, 3 and 4 bedroom homes for $25M.

Construction in progress at Green Acres

These homes are fully equipped with all the amenities needed; hot and cold showers, sheet rock ceilings and walls, asphalt shingle roofing, awning windows, concrete fencing, modern lighting fixtures, top and bottom kitchen cupboards with granite counter tops and pressure pumps.  In addition, the floors will be well polished and/or tiled and all of the walls will be trowel texted in the colour of the buyer’s choice.
Purchasers can also opt for minor adjustments to be made to their homes. For instance, one room could be made smaller to facilitate more space in another; or the architecture of the veranda can be changed to suit.
There will also be significant yard space on the 54 x 120 and  60 x 110 lots. A spacious driveway is promised, with plenty of space aback of the yard for family recreation.

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