Food for the Poor makes $$M donation to Education Ministry

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Food for the Poor (Guyana) Incorporated made a multi-million-dollar donation of education -related material to the Ministry of Education recently.
The Education System, as a result will benefit from a variety of text books, furniture and stationery.
Food for the Poor has been working in partnership with the Ministry of Education to provide the materials, while it is left up to the ministry to provide good building structures and environment for the students, the Executive Director of the organization Mr. Leon Davis said.
The package is designed to assist in the development of the nation’s children and will see some 200,000 students and 9000 teachers benefit from the contribution.
Making the donation to the Assistant Chief Education Officer, Ms. Melcita Bovell, was Mr. Davis.
He stated that he would make sure that everything is done to maintain the relationship between the two organizations. He added that there is much more that his organization can and will do for the education system.
The director disclosed that he is awaiting response from the ministry to do rehabilitation work to selected schools at no more than $6M.

Executive Director of Food for the Poor (Guyana) Inc., Mr. Leon Davis, makes the presentation to Assistant Chief Education Officer, Ms. Melcita Bovell

Making an appearance on behalf of the Minister, Ms. Bovell said that she was delighted to receive the contribution for the ministry. She stated that the books will be given to the teachers and students of the various schools to enhance literacy since that is the top priority of the ministry.
Ms. Bovell noted that she felt a spirit of happiness, being an educator and seeing that many of the books donated were male friendly through their titles. She added that the interest in books among the male population at schools is currently low since they don’t find many books interesting.
Ms. Bovell stated that through the ministry, teachers will be guided on how to use the books effectively in the classroom.
She also disclosed that all the schools in the country usually state what is needed for the school year and the ministry in turn provides those needs. Ms. Bovell said that some schools require additional furniture while others may have the need for more text books.
So far during this week, five schools have been facilitated with new furniture.
It was noted that in order for the donated materials to be transported across the country to the various schools, the ministry usually sends them by “air, truck or boat” according to the location.

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