PPP postpones congress to focus on general elections

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The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has decided to postpone holding its 30th Congress, constitutionally due this year, to concentrate on the upcoming general elections. The forum is where the party decides on its course for the next few years and where internal elections are held to select its leaders.
According to the party in a statement yesterday, its Central Committee agreed to postpone the holding of the 30th Congress, constitutionally due this year, in order to focus its full attention on the upcoming elections. “A motion to this effect was unanimously approved.”
The decision was taken during a meeting of the Central Committee of the PPP on Saturday.
The party’s congress is held every three years.
Meanwhile, the party said that the current global rumblings have its attention and was part of the agenda Saturday. These situations discussed included the world at large and the local political, economic and social conditions.
“At the international level, the party noted with great concern the downgrade of the U.S credit rating and its likely impact on the global financial markets. The meeting noted that already there are indications of turmoil in the markets which could have adverse effects on the economies of the developing world and on the lives of ordinary people.”
The volatile financial and economic situation in a number of European countries more notably Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain resulting in drastic cuts in spending was also a grave concern.
“The crisis in Europe is spreading to Italy and UK, where riots have broken out,” the party said.
Concern was also expressed over the “grave situation” in the Middle East.
“At this time the loss of lives in Libya, Yemen and Syria due to internal conflicts and in the case of Libya, due to the intervention by NATO is extremely distressing.  The party extends its solidarity to the forces fighting for peace and democracy while it condemns the outside interference in the civil war in Libya.”
At the local level, the party noted with satisfaction the fact that more than 7,000 persons have been registered by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) during the 13 days re-opening of its Claims (10 days) and Objections period.
“This has fully vindicated the PPP’s position on the reopening, despite strong objections from the opposition parties, in particular APNU and the AFC. The Party is heartened by the fact that it was mainly responsible for ensuring that such a significant amount of eligible persons in all region registered in that period.”
The party also said that despite a very unfavourable international economic environment, Guyana has done well.
“It (PPP) was also satisfied with the great achievements in the social sector and in the political stability in our country.”

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