Gunmen invade Harbour Bridge Mall

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Two gunmen entered the Harbour Bridge Mall around 22:00 hrs (10:00pm) on Thursday, last, and assaulted two guards on duty while enquiring the whereabouts of businessman Anthony Snow.
Surveillance cameras in the building recorded one of the men on his cellphone a number of times, as if taking instructions, while the other inspected the various rooms of the small area.
Reports are that the perpetrators were around Snow’s businessplace for about half an hour, staking out the area, before they pulled out guns and began to attack the guards.
Kaieteur News reporters were shown video footage of two men brandishing what appeared to be handguns, while accosting the guards.
Snow told this newspaper that he received a telephone shortly after the incident took place notifying him about the occurrence.
“I was told and from the video tape you can see that the men didn’t rob the place. If that was their intention they would have done so when they were upstairs. But they didn’t. They weren’t afraid to pull guns in public because people upstairs saw them fighting with the security, so they could have pulled guns upstairs and robbed the place. Then they were asking where I was. I think, most obviously, they came with the intention of finding me there,” stated Snow.
One of the security guards escaped with minor injuries while the other sustained cuts to the face, ribs and body. The gunmen managed to flee the scene before police could arrive.
Kaieteur News understands that the businessman is taking the issue as a direct threat and has made multiple reports at the Providence and Brickdam Police Stations and also at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Eve Leary, where he also supplied a copy of the footage which captures the images of the culprits.
“People are on the lookout for them. The police are looking out and I want the public to help too which is why I am offering a reward to anyone who can provide me with information leading to the capture of these men. I want to know who they are and want to talk with them,” added Snow.

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