Good Hope, Lusignan residents unhappy with “shabby work” on bridge

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Residents in the Good Hope and Lusignan Villages, East Coast Demerara are still

Workers applying “finishing touches” to the bridge which links the villages of Good Hope and Lusignan on the East Coast of Demerara.

unhappy with the contractor(s) responsible for the construction of their only access bridge within the two villages.
Several months have passed and construction seems to be slow with villagers worrying about the “shabby work” being executed.
According to residents, the bridge was supposed to have already been completed, but from their understanding the previous contractor was “scamming the job”.
One man told Kaieteur News that from the information he received, Bovell Construction Company is now in charge of finishing the project, however, in his opinion it is moving along at a slow pace.
“They taking their time and doing this. It really bothering we in here, especially when we got to go market on Fridays. We does use this bridge. Now we got to walk all the way round the two villages just to get somewhere to buy greens. We don’t know when they going to finish this” said the frustrated villager.
When Kaieteur News arrived at the site yesterday, workmen were seen carrying out their duties as they “hammered” and “nailed” at various parts of the wooden structure.
One of the workers promised that the bridge would be completed within two days, assuring the media that villagers would be able to utilize the bridge as of tomorrow.
Upon hearing this, some of the villagers of Good Hope looked skeptical since they stated that a lot more work needed to be done, which included the application of tar.
“Well I doubt they going to done ‘cause dem still got to tar the whole bridge. Plus dem using the wrong wood. From what we hear is greenheart dem suppose to be using but this company doing cheap thing and is pure hardwood dem using. You gun see in a short time dem got to repair again and nuff millions going to pass for nothing.”

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