Chinese National remanded on assault charge

August 10, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

A Chinese national was yesterday accused of committing the offence of assault causing actual bodily harm and was remanded to prison by Magistrate Hazel Octave Hamilton.
When Song Chang Chun called John appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, he heard that the police alleged that on August 7, at Durban and Camp Streets, he assaulted Haridoi Murilall so as to cause her actual bodily harm.
“Mi no speak English, want interpreter”, said the accused when he was asked how he would plead to the offence by the Magistrate.
However, Attorney at Law Nigel Hughes who represented the defendant requested that a not guilty plea be recorded.
The attorney made an application for his client to be admitted to a reasonable bail stating that he do not pose any risk of flight.
The Prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that Chun is yet to present his passport to the court, indicating that he is a legal immigrant in the country.
Hughes declared that Chun’s passport is at the Chinese Embassy.
Police Corporal Venetta Pindar subsequently said that the defendant was asked by investigating ranks to produce his passport and that the document should be at the Ministry of Home Affairs not the Chinese Embassy.
No facts of what transpired on the day in question were presented to the court.
Chun is expected to make his next court appearance on October 19.

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