Berbice man freed of cop killing sues businessman

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A man who was freed on a murder charge after he was alleged to have shot and killed a policeman on

Errol Azar

February 11, 2007, during a show in New Amsterdam, and was allegedly shot by a businessman at the scene after he reportedly tried to flee has filed a $50million lawsuit against the businessman.
Dorsette Mc Cammon, 29, of 43 Stanleytown, filed suit through his lawyer, Dridnauth Perry Gossai, against businessman Errol Azar, of New Amsterdam, for damages in the sum of $50M for trespass to the person and assault and battery to the person.
Mc Cammon who walks with a limp was first charged with the murder of policeman Micah Cort. It was alleged that McCammon shot Cort whilst the latter was on duty at a Soca Monarch show which was being held at Esplanade Park in New Amsterdam.

Dorsette McCammon

Mc Cammon was allegedly then shot by licenced firearm holder Azar who was nearby. Both men, Cort and Mc Cammon, were then rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital. Cort was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Hospital where he succumbed.
Mc Cammon who was hospitalized at both the New Amsterdam and Georgetown hospitals was subsequently charged with the murder of Cort.
He was freed in the High Court in December 2009
McCammon stated in his lawsuit that he was unable to move for several months after the injuries as he was hospital. He claims that he endures severe pain and will not be able to walk normally nor work again.
He is claiming damages for travelling, medication, loss of earning as a mason, and estimated loss of earnings for the next eighteen years and special damages with interest and cost.
The matter came up in the Civil Court at the Berbice High Court yesterday before Justice William Ramlal. Mc Cammon was represented by Attorney at law Mursaline Bacchus, while Azar’s lawyer was Ramesh Rajkumar.
According to Rajkumar, his client has agreed to an Ex Gratia payment of $750,000 with no liabilities as a matter of favour on his own free will, in an effort to finish the issue which has been pending since 2007. “My client does not accept any blame or responsibility in the matter. He is severely stressed out and frustrated over the entire issue, and does not want to go through with a lengthy trial. He also wants the matter to finish quickly, so in good nature he has decided to make a payment so as to settle the issue.”
An initial payment of $250,000 should be made by August 31st, which is the next court date for the matter, while he has a year to pay the remainder.

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