Accident 10 miles off Port G/T leaves Mexican sailor dead

August 10, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

Up to late last night local maritime personnel were responding to reports of an incident on a foreign registered vessel, which left one person dead and another seriously injured.
This newspaper understands that a local pilot vessel was dispatched  with medical personnel as well as police ranks to reach the ship, “Global Leader”, several miles off Guyana’s Coast, with the aim of bringing the body to shore and treating the injured.
A local maritime official told this newspaper last night that the Bahamian registered vessel, which was described as a vehicle carrier was going to Panama from Brazil.
The official said that while carrying out an emergency simulation exercise on the vessel an accident occurred resulting in the death of a Mexican seaman and the injury to another whose nationality could not be ascertained up to press time.
Since Port Georgetown was the nearest harbour, the lighthouse was contacted.
“We have sent out a doctor and two other medical personnel. The police are also on board and an ambulance is on standby for when they come in,” the maritime official told this newspaper last night.

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