The historical St. Barnabas Church almost gone

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On July 22, the congregation of the St. Barnabas Church, located at Regent Street, Georgetown, gathered for their final Thanksgiving Service and deconsecrating ceremony after a public announcement that the historical structure had been sold.
Yesterday, the final phase of the demolition act was being executed as most of the building had already been broken down.
Pieces of concrete and wood which previously formed walls and posts of the old Church were being removed from the premises while a small part of the building was left to be brought down.

Workers applying the ‘final rights’ to the St. Barnabas church on Regent Street.

Some of the workers were seen in the compound trying to carry out their duties expeditiously as if to meet a specific deadline, perhaps, to facilitate the new owner’s plans of utilizing the compound for a specific purpose.
Kaieteur News understands that the St. Barnabas Church was at that location for over a century and has been part of the historic legacy of the Bourda District in Georgetown.
The church was situated in proximity to two other significant landmarks, namely the Bourda Cemetery and the Bourda Market.
According to the National Trust of Guyana, the church was built in 1884 as a place of worship for the district of Bourda.
The Incorporated Trustee of the Anglican Church advertised the sale of the structure a few weeks before demolition began.
It was noted that several factors were responsible for this development.
For one, vagrants had essentially taken over the compound of the church, which occupies three lots.
One church member said that they (vagrants) use the compound to defecate, wash their clothes, and sleep.
This was partly responsible for the dwindling number of church members.
The National Trust of Guyana had not shown an active interest in the preservation of the building, and had in fact made it clear to the Anglican Diocese that it was in no way able to contribute financially to the upkeep of its church buildings.

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