Roll-on/roll-off facilities at stellings attract $400M bids

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Two new Chinese ferries are expected to arrive before year-end in Guyana to service the Essequibo River routes,

Roll-on/roll-off facilities to accommodate two new Chinese ferries are to be constructed at the Parika and Supenaam stellings in Essequibo.

Supenaam stelling

with government expected to make adjustments to the Parika and Supenaam stellings to facilitate vehicles to enter and leave them.
Yesterday, the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) opened bids for the construction of roll-on/roll-off facilities at both stellings with the government’s engineers estimating that it would cost in excess of $321M.
The Supenaam Stelling, which was plagued by problems since its commissioning early last year, had seen almost $68M being reportedly spent to correct deficiencies of the structure for which an independent probe had laid no blame. Already the stelling which government says will reduce travel time from Region Two to Parika by hours had seen over $431M being spent to build it.
A beam supporting a drawbridge buckled days after it opened to river traffic last year.
Among the bidders for the roll-on/roll-off facilities yesterday was B.K. International Incorporated which had built the Supenaam Stelling.
In December last year, government signed contracts with the Chinese Government that paved the way for two brand new ferries. The US$14M boats, similar to the Makouria class vessels and of the Canaiwaima size, have been described as a New Year’s gift by the local Chinese Embassy.
Minister of Transport, Robeson Benn, had said that the two new ferries will supplement the current fleet operating in Essequibo where it increasingly has shown that there is a huge demand for the vessels. The two new vessels are being built under a Chinese grant.
The new vessels will come equipped with roll-on/roll-off features that would necessitate the modifications of the stellings at Parika and Supenaam to allow for this feature, the officials had explained.
With the building of a bridge across the Essequibo River not immediately on the horizon because of the prohibitive cost factors, authorities are left with few options other than ferries to cater for the rice and farm produce being moved from mainly the Essequibo coast to the city.
The ferries operating there, including Malali and Torani, have long passed their lifespan with increasing costs for maintenance a real challenge for officials.
Yesterday, during the opening of the bids for the facilities at Parika and Supenaam, it was announced that the process would be done in two lots. The engineer’s estimate for Lot One was $211,374,180 while Lot Two was $110,050,650. The bids submitted:

Bidder     Amount
Roopan Ramotar Investments Inc.    Lot 1. $352, 478, 840
Lot 2. $237, 826, 800
Courtney Benn Contracting Services Ltd.      Lot 1. $408, 817, 900
Lot 2. ——————-
BK International Inc.     Lot 1. $240, 162, 850
Lot 2. $137, 786, 100
Dynamic Engineering Co. Ltd     Lot 1. $247, 433, 150
Lot 2. $146, 412, 400

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Housing and Water tendered for the construction of roads, drains, structures and installation of pure water distribution network at Plantation Providence, Region Four.
The engineer estimated that the work for Lot One will cost some $241,468,231 while Lot Two is $224,250,811. Eight (8) companies submitted bids.

Bidder     Amount
Khemraj Nauth Contracting Services     Lot 1. $229, 060, 777
Lot 2. $213, 945, 809
Eagle Transportation and General Construction     Lot 1. $213, 142, 985
Lot 2. $197, 118, 570
Romel Jagroop General Construction Services     Lot 1. $219, 388, 422
Lot 2. $201, 392, 554
Geico Construction and General Services Inc.     Lot 1. $181, 213, 314
Lot 2. $166, 420, 704
Ivor Allen     Lot 1. $260, 064, 316
Lot 2. $220, 135, 754
KB&B Contractors     Lot 1. $232, 545, 412
Lot 2. $ 218, 411, 930
Eron Lall & Civil Engineering Works    Lot 1. $169, 193, 330
Lot 2. $158, 275, 051
Colin Talbot Contracting Services     Lot 1. $203, 847, 282
Lot 2. $188, 810, 807

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