More plane crash victims discharged

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Maxine Eversley

Survivors of the Caribbean Airlines Flight 523 crash-landing continue to receive good news in the wake

Carol Webster (standing) and Gwenette Webster

of the serious mishap that miraculously took not a single life.
According to a release by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), 46-year-old male patient Noel Elliot was returned to the GPHC High Dependency Unit yesterday after a successful surgery on his leg.
Elliot was sent for surgery at approximately 20:25hrs on Sunday, July 31, 2011. It was pointed out that when admitted on Saturday morning Elliot had been in a stable condition, showing good vitals and was in high spirits, however, later that evening changes in his status were recognized by the attending physician after he started to complain of pains.
The release went on to state that these changes warranted a number of tests to be performed to determine the circulation in Elliot’s leg.
“The results were not pleasing to the Physician, hence the need for further exploration of the area to verify the cause of the problem. A successful surgery was performed and the damaged artery and vein, which were earlier detected, were repaired.”
Additionally, it was indicated that 69-year-old Juliet Shiwbodh, another US-based Guyanese and

Samuel Eversley

20-year-old Nikita Yansen, a US-based Guyanese, were both discharged on Monday.
Shiwbodh suffered injuries to her face and stomach and still sports a bump on her head. She was returning to her hometown of Whim, Berbice with her son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters, all of whom suffered injuries and were treated and sent away. Meanwhile, Yansen, who was returning to Hopetown, Berbice on vacation, suffered a concussion and trauma to her abdomen in the crash.
Carol Webster and her sister Gwenette, who suffered a broken leg, both said that they were thankful to be alive. The two sisters recounted that they heard the airhostess saying that they were about to land. Carol told Kaieteur News that instead of the plane slowing down, it started to accelerate. Soon after the woman said she felt a bump and a loud crashing sound.  Chaos erupted on the plane and persons were jumping off the plane, fearing that it might explode.
Betsy Myndyllo recounted that just before touchdown, she was joking with the girl next to her about the fact that whenever you come to Guyana you should walk with an umbrella because it always rains in Guyana.
Suddenly, she said she heard this sound and when she realised there was going to be a crash her mind immediately swung to the Hudson River crash-landing of January 2009.
“Everything starting caving in, and the girl next to me just sat there motionless in shock, said Myndyllo.  She

Betsy Myndyllo and her two nephews

braved the light shower to make the 20-minutes trek from the crash site to the airport terminal with the aid of her two nephews. “It was pitch-black,” she recalled. The three of them, along with other relatives are in Guyana for a family reunion.

“I saw death flash before me,” said Maxine Eversley, another survivor. A US-based Guyanese who was returning home for two weddings, Eversley sustained a neck injury.
“All I was seeing was my five children,” she said. She was assisted by airline officials to get off the craft, but her husband, Samuel Eversley, and her niece, Odessa Forde, jumped out of the aircraft, injuring themselves in the process.

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