IMC Chairman says town making “immense progress”

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Chairman of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of Rose Hall Town, Bhadenauth Somrah, has said that the town is

Bhadenauth Somrah

making immense progress and that developmental works are moving apace. Rose Hall Town has over 13,000 residents.
Somrah opines that the “town has come a very far way”. They have put in place all the major roadways as well as drainage in the minor streets. Three solid cast concrete drains were constructed in the latter streets to give proper drainage to the area.
Crawford, Bhajan and Maycock Streets have all been completed, but more surfacing work has to be done. He said the council is cash- strapped and has overspent some $200,000 on road works, but stressed that the works had to be done. They are now focusing on three footpath bridges to be repaired. The council wants to acquire an excavator but Somrah said the chances of this are slim because the machine costs $10M and the council is just short of $6M. Some de-silting needs to be done in Williamsburg and some other minor streets, he revealed.
The council receives an annual subvention of $8M from the government. Last year, they fenced the entire Area ‘H’ Ground to the tune of $2.9M. He said the ground was in need of fencing a long time.
“Our youths have to be given attention now more than any other time,” Somrah stated.
The IMC Chairman said that the town needs more sports grounds. He noted that youths flock the Area ‘H’ ground in the afternoons to play football and cricket among other games, but that not all of them can play simultaneously. This, he said, results in arguments.
“We only have one basketball court and one cricket ground. The area is big, we have over 150 youths coming out in the afternoon on that ground and we are having chaos and confusion, it’s bringing a rift,” he said. “This conflict has got be solved. We need another ground.” Another piece of land has been earmarked so that an all-purpose court can be constructed.
Somrah said he needs the support of the people and that he can only “do so much in the town”. He emphasised that a problem being faced in the town is one where persons are taking over the council’s reserves and he said he will be dealing condignly with offenders.
‘Every day we’ve been making tremendous progress, and the residents are very much high in praise…they appreciate the work.”
According to Somrah, the IMC has a good relationship with the citizens of the town. He revealed that plans are in place for the week-long Annual Town Day in September, and disclosed that the Rose Hall Town Anniversary Committee is no longer responsible for planning the activity.
“In the past, this would have been given to several other persons and groups and they would have made a fool of the council. Some ripped off the council,” he noted. “All those people have been excommunicated from the council for unscrupulous behaviour.”
The IMC Chairman said a grand week of activities is planned. A street fair, food fair, inter- school championship, family fun day at the Area ‘H’ Ground and an Oldies Dance as well as sports activities are among the events planned.
Commenting on the Rose Hall Town Fire Station, Somrah said that there have long been calls for such a facility. He outlined limitations of a fire station and insisted that the one in his town is no exception. He said that the tenders are only equipped with just over 400 gallon tanks of water and as such, the job of fighting fires becomes extremely challenging.
“To fight fire in any area, one has to get reserves of water to fight at least ½ an hour to 1 hour. But if you get a 400-gallon water tender turning up, and the house on fire, before the place heats up, the entire house gone down,” he noted.
The official said that a supplementary [supply of water] to go along with the fire tenders are needed. He recommended that large tankers be acquired that can hold several thousands of gallons of water and can be used by the fire service.
“You interconnect and you get a continuous flow, because not everywhere you go you will find a canal, trench or hydrants”, he related. “We have to calculate the amount of water and time it would take to out a fire.”

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