Dem boys seh……Robeson looking fuh a war tank

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In good old Georgetown people always complain bout de parking. Some does park anyhow and when people talk dem does quarrel. Is like dem have a right to stop when dem want and park when dem want.
Well dem have a mayor in a Russian city who got a solution. He does use a war tank. De other day he drive over a car wid a war tank and people get de message.
Dem boys seh that Robeson can learn a thing or two from this man. Instead of de hammer he should borrow some war tank that de GDF got and not using fuh deal wid de problem.
Wid de hammer wood can fall pun people or de hammer head can break off and knock somebody. De war tank safe.
But some policemen gun vex. Dem boys seh that de other night dem been by Mojo’s and dem see de traffic police putting de clamp pun some vehicle. Once de wheel clamp de car can’t drive.
Then dem does sit back and wait. De owner must come out and he got to pay up. Now if Robeson use de war tank nobody ain’t got to pay and dem policemen runnings gun get cut up.
Even de roadblock gun have a problem because de war tank gun be there to mek sure that nobody don’t try nutten stupid.
Dem boys seh that dem wouldn’t be surprise if all of a sudden dem hear in de budget that de Works Ministry buying war tanks. City Hall gun buy some too.
Bet people gun behave differently and dem gun have less road deaths because nuff car gun get crush up.
And wha mek de war tank good is that if people decide fuh drive like dem head ain’t good and dem crash into de tank is dem gun suffer. Everybody who using de tank gun be happy. And de big man can use de tank fuh push aside some of dem Ministers he got.
Talk half. Lef half.

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