Kaneville Development Group rewards top NGSA students

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“Hands and hearts in unity, developing our community” is the motto of the Kaneville Development Group.
On Saturday last, that group proved that it can indeed join hearts and hands in unity to develop the striving Kaneville community. To this end, 28 children from within the community who completed the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) were rewarded for their outstanding performances.
Only those persons who would have acquired a maximum of 400 marks and beyond were fortunate enough to be a part of the award ceremony.
Also benefitting from the presentation were the oldest married couple in the community (69 years), and two children who lost both of their parents.
Shem Codrington copped the first prize with a whooping 502 marks and secured a place at the St. Rose’s High School. He “closed the door” for the top ten at the Grove Primary School.

The group of awardees

The youngster, whose parents are abroad, resides with his older sister. When contacted, the woman told Kaieteur News that she is very proud of her brother.
“We are very, very happy. I’m so proud of him. He has done well”.
The woman said that Shem is the first sibling to gain such excellent marks at the NGSA (Common Entrance).
It is not much of a surprise that Shem had done well, for he was always a “hard worker”. His sister recalled though, that close to the examinations, Shem’s grades were declining and when teachers intervened, they then found out that the child was going through a state of depression because of his parents’ absence.
With encouragement and a “push”, Shem was able to “get back on his feet” and do his best at the exams.
The Kaneville Community Group was very proud to make their presentation to little Shem.
Also making presentations to the top three students at the ceremony were Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport social workers, Doreen Scipio and Gillian Frank. The two partners were very proud to make the presentations on behalf of the Ministry.
Kaneville is a community on the East Bank Demerara that is now in the process of development. The Chairperson of the programme Ronald Daniels noted that there is the need for housing development and road repairs.
He also stressed that the third hosting of such a ceremony was to bring out the positive side of the community since there is a history of crime. Thus, the event that was held in honour of the children shows that the community is moving forward, and it opened a way to have the good prevail.
The Kaneville Community Group was formed a few years ago in collaboration with Help and Shelter to enhance the community. The organization usually holds fund-raising activities to acquire their finances to purchase the awards for the children.
There was also funding by other organizations to make the activity a success.

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