Dem boys seh… Uncle Freddie can move in wid Bar-Rat

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De other day dem boys see Uncle Freddie writing how he surprise and worried because de libel case wid Bar-Rat come up suh quick. And wha mek he get worried is that if Bar-Rat win de case de man gun levy pun Uncle Freddie House.
Well dem boys seh that he mustn’t worry because things can’t be too bad. He ain’t got to sleep pun de road.
But de situation didn’t have to come to this because de people at de Waterfalls paper use to tell he that he should write on issues and not on people. He didn’t hear and he lash out at people. He lash Ramkarran and he pickney, he lash Bisram; he lash Eddie Boyer, he lash everybody.
But knock got knock back and Bar-Rat knock back. But dem boys seh that when de big man tek Uncle Freddie house, Uncle Freddie can move in wid de same big man.
But is not everybody can move Dem had this young man who graduate in jail. De police shoot he and kill he.
Now dem boys seh that he graduate in de theory and when he come out of jail he fail de practical.
Ed Ahmad –that is he name and he not saying that he mad—watching jail and dem boys hope that he don’t graduate like this youth man. He was coming home fuh de expo because he had a house pun display. Now he got to watch de expo through text messages and e-mail and de photo de people send.
He been good but sometimes people don’t know how good dem deh.
Imagine how big a man can get. Dem boys seh that dem have people who never get in de papers. Ahmad mekking papers all de time. And de papers ain’t like dem in Guyana. Dem does talk everything. Dem talk how Ahmad send containers fuh Bar-Rat. He is a good man but he deh pun he own. Guyana can’t help he but dem boys seh that couple people gun provide character reference.
Talk half. Lef half.

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