Compressed ganja vanishes from police station strong-box

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– female cop under close arrest

A policewoman is under close arrest as officials investigate the disappearance of more than four pounds of compressed marijuana from a locked strongbox at the Mackenzie Police Station.
The marijuana was brought to the station around July 13, last, after police had seized the drug from a Mahdia-bound bus. A source said that a plastic bag containing the drug was placed in a strongbox.
The station sergeant and ranks manning the shifts reportedly have access to the strongbox keys.
Kaieteur News understands that the loss was discovered on Tuesday night by a female police corporal, who was preparing to take over the shift from one of her colleagues. She was subsequently placed under close arrest at the East La Penitence Police Station, even though she is reportedly insisting that she is being framed.
Kaieteur News was told that the female corporal is alleging that she reported for duty around 20:00 hrs. A male colleague, who was on the previous shift, indicated in a report book that all the items at the station, including the marijuana, were intact.
But according to sources, the policewoman alleged that she checked the strongbox and realized that the marijuana was not there.
She reportedly then pointed it out to the colleague, who admitted to an ‘oversight’ in that he had failed to check the strongbox before handing over to the policewoman.
Police sources said that the policewoman told investigators that she immediately drew a red line through the written report her colleague had made, to indicate that the marijuana was not intact.
She reportedly then contacted the station sergeant, who stated that he had not removed the evidence.
According to sources, the policewoman then completed her shift.
Under questioning, the other station ranks reportedly professed ignorance about the whereabouts of the marijuana.
Kaieteur News understands that the policeman who had worked the previous shift alleged that the marijuana was in the strongbox when he handed over the shift to the policewoman.
On Thursday, investigators searched the policewoman’s house. She was then placed under close arrest although nothing was found at her home.
Kaieteur News understands that one rank had suggested that rats may have made off with the marijuana.
An official told Kaieteur News that senior ranks at the station erred in not placing the drugs and other evidence in the station storeroom.

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