This is very atrocious and disrespectful to paying customers

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Dear Editor,
I hereby request space in your prestigious letter column to share a terrible story that was witnessed by myself and family during a recent visit to Guyana.
On July 5, 2001 we visited the KFC outlet in Water Street, Georgetown. My daughter was hungry and requested that this is the place to visit. My wife and I were not too pleased about this because this small place was so cramped, uncomfortable and hot; it was unbearable. Remember it was my daughter, and any responsible and caring father would do just about anything to ensure their child is happy, so the fun begins……
Approximately 11:30 am we joined the queue to the cashier. There were about four cashiers at this time. It was my luck that I joined the line that would move 10 minutes per person being served, by 12:30 pm it was my turn to order, I was greeted by this young lady. Her face was so sour I got the impression that she was forced to work at this establishment without being remunerated. I then placed my order. This young lady was looking into my eyes as I clearly expressed what needed to be ordered. As I finished placing the order, she just walked away without saying a word. All the time I kept my peace, but “the blood was boiling “. I noticed she went over to assist the next cashier and left about 10 customers waiting to order food in the line I was in. I waited for another five minutes but this young lady did not return to tend to paying customers. I immediately asked the other cashier to call a Manager/Supervisor so I can understand what was happening. The Supervisor arrived, I explained what happened, she said whenever one of the cashiers has too much orders, another cashier would stop what they were doing to assist. I replied by saying, “This is completely absurd and does not make any sense. It was going on to 12:45 pm.
We spent one hour and fifteen minutes and still not served”. She apologized and said the cashier would take the order shortly. I noticed she went over and spoke to this cashier and she immediately came over and said in a very loud and annoying voice “who is next?” I said “I AM NEXT” she said, “What would you like to order?” I said, “you were clearly told what I needed to order earlier”, she responded “Man I don’t have time fuh you”. She goes,” who is next? “ in an effort to bypass me. At this time, I was all riled up, ready for anyone. I said “It is going on to two hours and I don’t have to put up with this (BS).” I attempted to phone a friend who was in a position to close this run down establishment.” She then agreed to take my order again.
My daughter eventually received the food, and we were out of that place by 2:20 pm. I think this is very atrocious and disrespectful to paying customers.
There is no quality or standards at this establishment and I request the governing body to investigate. This is a complete shame to the KFC name.
The Ministry of Tourism should ensure that these establishments meet international standards in order to attract tourists.
My family and I will not visit this establishment ever again and I encourage other Entrepreneurs to create some competition.
Robert Bisram

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