Six teachers who participated in 2010 Remedial Programme still not paid

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Several teachers who participated in the 2010 Ministry of Education Remedial Programme in Berbice have not been paid.
Two of those teachers, Basdeo Utam and Wazir Omar of the Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) had approached Kaieteur News about the matter a few weeks ago. Four other teachers from the Orealla area and have not been paid as well.
Today, several weeks after, they still have not been paid.
The programme for 2011 began this past week and this newspaper understands that several teachers who participated in the programme last year opted out this year due to fears of late payments of the $30,000 stipend.
When contacted, Coordinator of the Remedial Programme in Region Six, Enid Etwaroo said that she has made contact with the Chief Accountant and that “apparently the [teachers’] names were left out by the Accounting Unit”.
This resulted in several teachers not receiving their salaries when the payments were made in December 2010, several months after the programme had ended.
Another payment was made a few weeks ago in the region but the six teachers’ names were still not on the paysheet. The teachers have questioned this carelessness on somebody’s part.

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