PPP/C has always been Multi Ethnic in its Composition

July 17, 2011 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,
It would seem that with elections in the air, many will attempt to latch unto anything that will serve to dent the PPP/C’s chances of winning again. M. Maxwell is no different.
He has trumpeted a tune that has been played and replayed over and over to no avail. He is playing the race card.
Maxwell would do well to go down memory lane to the formation of the PPP where the multi-ethnic composition was first manifested.
It was this same feature which was solidified following the formation of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in 1950 and manifested in the party’s victory at the 1953 General Elections.
What happened thereafter, as a result of Burnham’s quest for power did not in any way alter the multi-ethnic embrace of the PPP.
In fact, the PPP has gained a significant amount of cross over votes since winning the hearts and minds of the people in 1992. The last two General Elections support this contention. In fact the PPP’s African and Amerindian support base continues to increase at the expense of the PNC and other fledgling parties.
The reason for this, contrary to what Maxwell opines, is due to the governance style of the PPP/C administration, which is all embracing and reflected in the composition of the hierarchy of the party and government.
Long gone is the misconception that the PPP/C is an Indo party, the multi-ethnic nature of its support base which as this letter is being published continues to increase does not give credibility to this thought that Maxwell seems comfortable positing.
Arnold Sanasie

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